Candles are currently available for purchase online at our Etsy site, as well as local retailers (please see the "Find Us" page). Below are our current products.

New Hampshire Inspired Collection

12.25oz glass container candles

Granite State Forest  Named for our great state of New Hampshire, this fragrance blend in Granite State Forest is comprised primarily of pine, with a blend of other trees and spices to connect you with the great outdoors.

Winnipesaukee Weekend  Winnipesaukee Weekend is cool, fresh and sweet, like sitting in your garden by the lake. Sweet honeysuckle is balanced with a cool cucumber scent, accompanied by the breezy scent of sandalwood, perfect for a weekend away.

New Hampshire Farmhouse  New Hampshire Farmhouse is the feeling of a farmhouse field breeze, and a fresh clean home – we’ve blended our favorite lilacs with the herbal-y citrus bergamot for a relaxing floral and citrus blend.

White Mountain Cabin Sugar and spice! A sweet blend of butterscotch and vanilla with spicy cinnamon sure to warm up your home.

Sugar Shack Sugar Shack smells like just that - sweet boiling sap! This delicious blend is like that of a New Hampshire sugar shack, where maple sap turns to syrup. It's the sweet smell of maple with a hint of vanilla.

Live Free or Pie  Live Free or Pie is named after NH’s state motto (‘Live Free or Die’ - how could we not use this?). This fragrance is our fruitiest blend, with sweet peaches and native berries from your favorite pies.

North of the Notches  A floral woody blend, with jasmine, rose, lilac, and violets.

Ski Valley  When you can’t get to the mountains, or want a reminder of the fresh, calming, crisp air after a snowfall, we’ve created this blend in 'Ski Valley' with balsam and mint.

Leaf Peeper  Leaf Peeper is reminiscent of the crisp fall air and changing leaves, and named after those who come to the region just to experience this sweet, and beautiful, time of year. In this blend is patchouli, apple, mandarin, and spices.

Summer on the Seacoast  A blend of fresh salty sea air and fragrant lilies.


Wax Melts 

Now Available in our Etsy store in all of the New Hampshire inspired fragrances.


4oz Custom Candles

Available in all of our current fragrances. Please see the Custom page for more information. 


Natural Wonders Collection

9oz and 16oz glass container candles

Scheduled to debut Spring of 2019!!

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